Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jillian Proves That Canadian Girls are not Sluts!

Sadly, there is no True Blood rehash this morning due to the US long weekend. But fear not, friends, instead let us discuss last nights Bachelorete where Jillian proved that Canadian girls are not completely comfortable "sleeping" with 4 different men on camera.

I was very pleasantly surprised that Jillian did not take advantage of the "fantasy suite" offers for any of her suitors with the exception of Ed. Because Ed had left and then came crawling back, they had a lot of time to make up apparently. This would have been more believable if she hadn't spent five minutes gushing about how she wanted to make out with him nonstop. Sigh.

But the key event of last night was the total douchery of Wes finally being revealed. Although he never admitted to Jillian that he had a girlfriend, as he left in the limo he congratulated himself on having the distinction of lasting to the final four while being in a relationship. Wow Wes, you should be so proud of yourself. Millions of people all across America & Canada saw exactly how much of an asshole you are. Sadly, it could actually help his record sales.

I personally can't wait for "The Men Tell All" where I hope the other guys take turns beating Wes for being such a total douche and completely reinforcing the stereotype of the "bad boy musician". 2 weeks kiddies.

For those disappointed about the lack of nookie, fear not! Next week they are in Hawaii which will undoubtedly provide ample opportunity for late night adventures between Jillian and the three remaining suitors. Remember that we still have to find out who has "performance issues" - As it can't be Wes (which sux as that would have been the ultimate in karmic retribution) I am gonna go out on a limb and predict that the perfection of Kiptyn will be sullied by his inability to get it up....... or perhaps he finishes a little too soon. I don't think that the actual "issue" has been clarified.

I can't decide who I want to win this thing. Yes, I said win. It is a competition people. It is a competition where the prize is a pretty Canadian girl. Settle down. I hope it is not Kiptyn. He is a little to perfect for me. This girl needs a little asshole in her man. I very much like Ed, but I think Reid is my choice. Even though he seemed to have arrived in Spain without a razor or a clean set of clothes, he is funny and genuine. A man who can make you laugh is very important friends.

Next week, Hawaii! Aloha!

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