Monday, July 27, 2009

King of the Con?

I have been a huge Robert Downey Junior fan since, like, forever. I have even gone so far as to declare to anyone who would listen that were my shriveled, rotting womb to miraculously decide to want to bear fruit, a boy would be named Joshua after his character Less Than Zero. And yes, I am completely aware that Joshua was a drug addicted male prostitute who OD'd at the end of the movie. It is either Joshua or Dylan (only 25% due to Dylan McKay from the original 90210).

No real reason for this post - except to point out the amazingness of RDJ. Inspired by my love of this pic of him with Sherlock Holmes co-star - the fantastical Rachel McAdams. Hands down, bet dressed man at Comic Con.

Oh, he also has this other little move coming out next year..... you may have heard of it. Iron Man 2. This is why he is the King of the Con (well except for Joss Whedon).


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