Monday, July 27, 2009

There are no words for Madonna's arms

Yikes!!! These photos totally make me cringe...... who am I trying to kid? They actually make me throw up in my mouth just a little. I get that she is in the middle of a gruelling tour where she dances and sings and pretends to care where she is. When in reality she is silently counting down how many show she has left....... yes I am a little bitter. She slept her way through the Vancity concert last year. It pretty much sucked balls. Which by the looks of thing, Madge may have now.

WTF is up with her arms? These veiny, ropey protrusions totally give me the heebie jeebies. Even if she is carrying something in her arms, that is just wrong wrong wrong. Does anyone in this world find that even remotely attractive?? She is likely to scare small children and the elderly if they see her walking the streets. Maybe she was in that new Zombieland movie? Which looks awesome BTW. Trailer below. Looks awesome.


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