Thursday, July 2, 2009

Angie Versus Jenny = Round 657

I am not quite sure how the tabloids will spin this into a story about Bradd Pitt, but they will find a way. Forbes just released their annual "Hollywood's Top-Earning Actresses" and of course, these two battled it out for top place. Srsly, even in earnings these 2 are supposedly in competition? Angelina came out on top with a $27 million payday last year, with Jen lagging behind with $25 million.

I have stayed very firmly on Team Switzerland when it comes to the whole Jen-Brad-Angelina situation. People are typically very polarised about this, but I really do not think Angie is the devil in this. Those who say that "as a woman" Angie should have stayed the f*ck away from Jen's husband, seem to forget that "as a MARRIED MAN", Brad should have kept his d*ck in his pants. I know, I know, women need to stick together. I agree. But, blaming Angelina for this let's Brad Pitt completely off the hook.

And seriously it happened a long time ago. I think Jen is Okay. Or at least she has moved on.....and on.....and on.....and on. She is fine.


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