Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Harry Potter Premiers In London

Ummm, have you heard? There is this little movie called Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince that is set to open on July 15th. I may have mentioned it just a few times. A few times, like incessantly, continuously, unendingly for the past month or so.

The world premier was held in London last night and above & below are a few pictures from the event. Looks like the weather did not cooperate, but Emma Watson totally worked that umbrella. She looked stunning - total amazingness. Love her dress. Proenza Schouler apparently. Love it, love it love it. I am also enjoying Daniel Radcliffe's ensemble. Although he is a little pale, the suit (especially the button closure), the shirt - the whole look is pretty impressive. Rupert Grint on the other hands could at least have washed his hair. I guess I should cut him a little slack - he is recovering from Swine Flu.

Note the white ribbons the cast is wearing on their wrists (you can see it on Daniel's image below). This is in honour of their castmate Rob Knox - who played Ravenclaw student Marcus Belby in the film. Knox was stabbed in May of last year while defending his older brother during an apparent bar fight. Good show from the cast who are wearing the ribbons to show solidarity with all victims of knife crimes and to support Knox's family.

Movie open here in Vancity on July 15th. I will see you there!

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