Friday, July 10, 2009

Paris Hilton is a going to Jail?

I was really really hoping that there would be a possibility of jail time for Paris at the end of this. I would even be okay with her in one of those Martha Stewart type jails. Her and Bernie Madoff, sharing a cell. That would be awesome. Sadly however, the world is totally against me this week and there is no possibility of jail time if this trial does not go in her favour. Ugh.

So in 2006 Paris was in a totally lame movie that no one saw - "National Lampoons Pledge This". I didn't see it, and I see pretty much everything. The makers of said blockbuster are suing the Hilton for $8 million, claiming that she did not fulfill her contractual obligations to promote the movie. I am shocked by this piece of news. Seriously. Shocked and even a little appalled.

Paris took the time out of her busy schedule to fly back from Dubai where she is filming another piece of crap that no one will see: "My New BFF" . She flew in special to look serious and responsible and not the least bit brainless. I don't think her reported continual playing with her braids helped her case.

The question before the court in my head is: we all know the movie sucked. But would more people have been suckered into seeing it if Paris had completed the promotion of the movie as she was contractually obligated to do? If she had gone on Leno and Jimmy Kimmel would that have translated to a bigger box office? Sadly, likely.

Pairs of course, contends that she "promoted the hell" out of the movie and that producers made unreasonable demands on her already full schedule. Paris is expected to take the stand on her defence later today or next week. From the photos, it appears that the poor thing thinks she is on on a catwalk somewhere. Pose hard Paris! Gah. Why is she famous?


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