Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Keifer Sutherland Assault case dropped

Remember back in May when Keifer Sutherland allegedly head-butted a designer who accidentally bumped into Brooke Shields at a swanky black tie event in NYC. Was that not the most awesome story ever? Keifer is hanging out at a Met Gala after party, likely in a tux, and a guy bumps into his friend Brooke (who knew they were even friends?). The logical response is to head butt them right? That is what rational even-tempered people do? Ha. Only in Hollyweird. Or in 1990 when my boyfriend would get drunk and rowdy any chance he got. Loser (boyfriend, not Keifer - love Keifer).

And then the totally f*cked up aftermath of the Sutherland-Shields-Designer debacle. He said, he said and then she said bullsh*t on all sides. Brooke is apparently friends with both men. While I personally couldn't wait for the trial and the witness list, word is that prosecutors have declined to prosecute the case. Damn it!

The complaining witness was apparently "quite uncooperative" - because the two men decided to behave like civilised individuals and talk it out, not something that sounds like talk, but means punch it out. Boring.

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